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I hired the attorney, Brian C. Morris back in September 9, 2016 to get a child-support modification.

Firstly, I google search an attorney locally here in Spring Hill where I reside. I called Brian Morris, and spoke to a parallegal Christina explained my situation and she said that I can com into the office of Morris Law located at 13218 Spring Hill Dr. to meet with the attorney Brian Morris. After 20 minutes the parallegal took meet into an office and started to ask me questions and had me fill out paper work itemizing my income and debts.

I explained that my situation has change because I've become permament disable and my income has change. She said the attorney was not in the office however that he was able to do a telephone conference and talk to me. Brian Morris started the conversation asking me a serious of question. I explained that the chil-support was from California.

After all the question he said that he can represent me and that he can get a child-support modification, however the fee was $1500.00 to retain him for his services to file a petition and to represent me as my lawyer at a hearing. He requested copys of bank statements, bills, proof of rent, and utilties bills. All that he requested I provided. This took place all in the month of September 2016 when I retained Brian Morris for my attorney.

Several months past by and no phone calls, letters, or emails. I contact Brian Morris office in December, the parallegal Christina said that Brian was not in the office. She mention that the judge that handles the child-support was on vacation. She said to contact the office after the New Year 2017.

This when on for months, never able to talk to the attorney Brian Morris, and always hearing some excuse. I then google search Brian C. Morris and was shock to see so many complaints and suddendly I was i panic because I felt I ws a victim of fraud and that I paid Brian Morris and was not going to get any results. May 2017 I called the office and there was a recorded message stating that Brian Morris will no longer represent me and that I will be getting an email.

A week later received an email stating that Brian Morris ineligible to pratice law as of June 4, 2017. Meanwhile I've recieved a court hearing on June with no representation of an Attorney, because the attorney Brain Morris who I have retained for representation is unable to pratice law. And the fact that receiving SS Disability income I am unable to retain another attorney. Moving forward I appear at my hearing without an attorney, and when it was my turn in front of the judge.

The honorable Judge stated because this child-support is out-of-state. She was unable to do a modification. ThatI would have to hired an attorney in California. I was taken, fraud and lie to plus the attorney took payment for services not render.

Brian C. Morris took my $1500 cash. It seem the attorney Brian C. Morris had a trail of complaints dating back October 19, 2015 nothing positive about this lawyer.

The last I read was THE FLORIDA BAR Petitioner(s) v. BRIAN CHRISTOPHER MORRIS date February 9, 2017. This lawyer Brian C. Morris knowing about all these issue against him, could have contact me and said I can't represent you and refund my money.

But he is a crook cheating people. This is why many people don't trust lawyer because it's all about the money.

Product or Service Mentioned: Morris Law Pa Child Support Legal Service.

Reason of review: Services was not render.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: That i never met the attorney.

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Not resolved

I am dealing with the same thing. I paid the initial $1500 and now he wants more money.

His paralegal told me during the initial consultation that it was $1500 uncontested and $2500 contested like most attorneys I called. Now after paying the $1500 Morris wants more money so I asked him if I pay the other $1000 will this take care of the case and he flat out said "no". I also wanted to know why I was being charged $40 to drop off a check and why I was being charged for phone calls when I had to leave a message on the answering machine because their paralegal never picks up the phone. After 3 e-mails and threatening to go to the bar Assoc, that is when he had his paralegal call me to schedule a phone conference and when I asked to many questions that could prove fraud and scamming his clients he said "well I see where this is going so I am just going to withdraw from the case" and he hung up on me.

What a rip off. He will not give me back any of my money and the only thing they did was charge me for filing the paperwork and charge me for bull *** charges.

I WOULD NOT USE THIS ATTORNEY. HE WILL ONLY RIP YOU OFF AND DROP YOU ON YOUR BUTT halfway through a case with no means to get other representation.

Product or Service Mentioned: Morris Law Pa Legal Service.

Reason of review: cheated me and did not render services as his paralegal described. Misrepresented services they would provide and the cost they would provide it at. .

Monetary Loss: $1500.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Way they handle their client, Scam them and ripped them off, Lied about what they could do.

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Morris Law PA - Bad Divorce Attorney-Brian C. Morris-Spring Hill,FL

Not resolved
Customer service

I hired a divorce attorney who told me my total cost would be less than $6k when I explained my situation. So I paid him about $3k retainer,little did I know his paralegal was going to eat that up in a month and a half.

My first hearing,March 27th ,2015 the Judge set the parameters on child sharing. My estranged wife(on info from her attorney that mine was gone) held my child from court appointed time sharing 3 x and my attorney was in NY either practicing law or on vacation,because he couldn't be reached. I had to take her to court every time and all my attorney could do is tell me to be patient,but after 6 months of treading water in our proceeding and going nowhere,I pressed him for answers and he again was no where to be found. He lied,was incompetent and unethical and would only say "you have to pay a lawyer for his services".

I had paid him $6k to this point and haven't even "sniffed" mediation. In October 2015,after having 3 paralegals "start over on my case",I got frustrated and the "fool" he is just sent me another invoice for $7000 more and he hadn't done anything,but bill me for trying to reach him.He is under investigation by the Bar Association and has also been reported to the Attorney General for fraudulent billing in my case.

Whatever you do don't give a retainer to Brian C. Morris,he is not only unethical,but is incompetent and can't keep a law office open and staffed with anyone.

Reason of review: Paying for Bad representation.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Deceit, Lies, Unethical dealings, Lack of communication, Lack of availability.

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As of right now 6-6-17 his office in Spring Hill fla. is closed down.

Nobody is answering his phone in his NY office , his mail box is full.

Had to learn the lesson the hard way. I never read reviews on him and that is my mistake

to Neil N Spring Hill, Florida, United States #1337787

I learned from a former employee last month that he lost his "right" to practice law in FL and soon to be in NY also...Don't know much at all after that...other than I filed a 25 page formal complaint with the Florida Bar Association with substantial evidence against him and they not only did nothing,effectively "brushing it aside" with his response but were reluctant to do anything with the 25 page rebuttal with more solid evidence against his unethical and incompetent practice.....Only did they do anything when many former clients and employees came forward....Mine was one of the first complaints,it pretty much showed me the Association "protects" even the worst attorneys until they are besieged with multiple complaints....Kind of a joke actually...


How can I get in touch with the author of this? I am going through the EXACT thing RIGHT NOW.

Your situation is mine exactly. I want to go to the FL bar but haven't yet. He even lost his license to practice law for a little while due to not paying FL bar fees. He never even notified me of this.

I had to learn of that from doing a search online. Aren't attorneys legally obligated to notify you by certified mail when they lose their license?

Even if it is for a few weeks? Unbelievable.

to Anonymous Spring Hill, Florida, United States #1337784

I learned from a former employee that his "right" to practice law has been pulled indefinitely in Fl and will be reciprocal in NY....I sent a 25 page formal complaint to the Florida Bar Association and they "brushed it off" as no big deal. Only did they do anything when the office got inundated with complaints from former clients and employees...My case still lingers....I lost a full year having this "joker" represent me.....which he didn't do very well at all!

Spring Hill, Florida, United States #1184659

Still no remorse from this "*** slime ball" attorney,if he hasn't had his license to practice pulled yet...I have had former clients and employees call me encouraging me to "stick it to this loser" as they have been screwed by him also....

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